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Holistic Elevation LLC was created as a trauma specialist agency focusing on the integration of prevention and intervention programs on developing individuals’, families and community’s potential, reducing risk factors while increasing protective factors.


Holistic Elevation LLC mission is to integrate prevention and intervention strategies to provide comprehensive services that tackle variation forms of trauma and ongoing challenges from individuals to system levels. Our mission strive to develop resilience and coping skills that enables youth, their families and communities to attain and maintain sustainable protective factors that set the goals necessary to break cycles of trauma as experienced through poverty, mental and behavioral health, social norms, public health inequity, academic and learning challenges & failure, abuse, violence, and drug use. We strive to provide individuals with the tools needed to cope with stressful situations, build students' self-motivation, social skills, and change mindsets and behaviors.


Our vision is to break cycles of trauma, reduce mental health and behavioral health challenges, and increase strategic support from individuals to systems levels for change.  Holistic Elevation continues to create a legacy that can help change the way the world views and treats trauma in vulnerable populations.

Why We Exist

We exist to offer a pathway to community's full potential by breaking cycles of societal abnormality that has, over time proven to be the cause of intergenerational trauma, ongoing trauma, repetition of low educational attainment, teen or single parenting, criminality, gang affiliation, poverty, unemployment and many other obstacles to social progress. We are poised to break the cycles of violence, substance use/abuse, poor intra-family relationship, low self-worth and –esteem by introducing various educational, prevention, early intervention, and intensive therapy camps and activities for teens, children, their families and communities.

At Holistic Elevation, we acknowledge that internalized low self-worth and inferiority complexes are a result of negative environmental influences. This mindset is one of the dominant causes of suicide ideation, bullying, drugs and alcohol usage, cruelty towards others and eventually crime. We position our professionals and licensed humanitarian services to intervene in this fast acute inclination. Most available services/resources lack the intensity and duration needed to permanently change the life trajectories of children and youth experiencing trauma.


Our Approach

To ensure that every individual grows from their challenges, our team implements what we call the Great Farmer’s Technique.  The Great Farmer’s Technique engages each child through creative strategies while also acknowledging their unique way of learning. Our creative program components are integrated with evidence-based programs and the youth’s life experience.

Our change-focus and relationship-based service model will address the needs of children, youth and their families and communities most in need of support. Our strategy is to change social abnormalities, unhealthy relationships, and increase positive self-image and peer to peer interaction with the goal of producing positive and productive citizens. 


Through our prevention education, counseling services, and professional development training:


  • We support youth in their development of positive habits and behaviors that contribute to a healthy mindset, positive relationships, and the skills to solve problems and grow through challenges associated with cycles of poverty, abuse, violence, and drug use. 

  • We support schools in becoming trauma-informed, inclusive, and positive learning environments. 

  • We acknowledge the full humanity of every young person and their supporters which we see as an essential component for meaningful progress that is often absent in other initiatives.


Our Core Values

Our Core Values are at the root of everything we do, they inform our approach and guide the youth and adults we collaborate with.


  • One Family Policy: We view our clients as members of one family wishing to develop themselves and their communities. We place them in high esteem and welcome their experience and knowledge in collaboration.

  •  Accountability & Responsibility: We take personal responsibility for our life choices, our actions, and growth. We are responsible for ourselves and those around us. 


  •  Community & Service: We strive to empower ourselves and those around us to do things that make a difference. We believe by expressing compassion, consideration, and kindness to friends and strangers alike will help build a community of love and empathy.


  • Excellence & Education: We give our best at any task we do, we continuously strive to increase our knowledge, and set high goals that are committed to improving the quality of life for others.


  • Integrity: We aspire to live by examples, with the highest standards of honesty, universal morals and behavior; We never compromise our values and always act in the best interest of others through equity and justice.  


  • Collaboration: We respect each other and we thrive on our diversity to influence our universal love in making a difference.


  • Creativity: We are open to new ideas, we embrace change, and we take disciplined risks to develop sustainable solutions.

Positive Self-Concept

Holistic Elevation’s program created a positive school climate, which helped our students develop a positive self-concept. Mrs. Stevens exhibits skills in human relations which demonstrate sensitivity to needs and concerns of others.” 

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