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Implementing Emotional Intelligence: How to Build Hope & Empathy-Truama Informed

Implementing Emotional Intelligence: How to Build Hope & Empathy-Truama Informed


 SPACE IS LIMITED: To Confirm Your FREE Registration Use Code: traumamatters


To help streghten Delaware in becoming a Trauma Informed State, Holilstic Elevation LLC is offering the application portion- it is time for Delaware Educators, professionals, and community members to learn the techniquic. To be trauma informed is beyond the theory, it's now time for the application. 


If you would like to attend the upcoming training please check with your employer/supervisor.  We can only accommodate twenty (20), per session the first twenty people will be accepted.  If you are not able to attend at this time your name can be placed on the wait list for a future training. 


This is an interactive course that provides hands-on skills on how to connect with high-risk students and students exposed to trauma.  Participants will discover the importance of emotional intelligence, grieving trauma and analyzing how equity can ensure no child is left behind. The training will dissect ways to connect to high-risk students and empower their parents to become active in their child’s life. Participants will also be given an opportunity to constructed boundaries, and design teachable consequences that creates a welcoming and emotionally safe environment for all students.


Learning Objectives: Participants will


  1. Familiarize themselves with unhealthy practices and norms that causes trauma,
  2. Identified ways for students to cope with trauma in order to succeed. 
  3. Understand the ripple effect of trauma and how it can affect students behavior, academic, social, emotional, physical and mental development.
  4. Listed new skills that connect emotional intelligence to student’s accountability and responsibility.    
  5. Analyzed knowledge gained to understand how equity, when applied to the educational system, can guarantee no child is left behind. 
  6. Examined the importance of grief when coping with trauma.
  7. Changed communication techniques from shaming and blaming to naming.   
  8. Constructed boundaries and design teachable consequences to safeguard student’s emotion and create an inclusive atmosphere conducive to learning. 
  9. Demonstrated skills needed to empower parents to become active and invested in their child’s life. 


 Helping students’ means getting outside our comfort zone and going the extra mile.


    This is an interactive group discussion focused on training professional to increase their knowledge on how to apply emotional intelligence when interacting with student who has been exposed to trauma, have physical, social, emotional, academic and behavioral challenges such as depression, perpetrators of bullying, delinquent behavior, teen dating violence, disability, isolation, school failure or dropout; and many more. In this training, we will identify ways we can connect to students in order to help them cope with trauma in order to succeed. Through these discussions, participants will build knowledge about understanding what they contribute, their role in creating a welcoming environment for the students and their parents.


    New Castle County

    AmeriHealth Wellness Center

    1142 Pulaski Hwy,

    Bear, DE 19701



    Wednesday, May 29 to Friday, May 31, 2019


    This Workshop registration fee will go towards funding for our Intensive Youth Prevention Program. The program serves high-risk students. 

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